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Download Spitfire

Download and try the the evaluation version of Spitfire. If you like it you can purchase a licence for your ESC! handset to upgrade the evaluation version to the unrestricted Professional version. See What do I get if I purchase a Spitfire licence? in the Q & A section.

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Pointer Solutions customers should vist the Pointer Solutions web site for updates and information concerning Spitfire for the Pointer Dog-GPS product.



Spitfire Version 3.6.0 Full Install

The full installation package includes the Spitfire program and necessary system files. Previous versions also included some sample maps these can now be obtained below as a separate download.

Spitfire Version 3.6.0 Upgrade

The upgrade installation package contains the Spitfire program but does not include the system files. The system files have not changed since the very first Spitfire release, therefore this package can be used if you have previously installed any prior version of Spitfire.

Pointer Solutions Spitfire Upgrade This is an upgrade package for the Pointer Solutions Spitfire version. Install this only if you have the full Pointer Solutions Spitfire package already installed.

Sample Maps


Spitfire Sample Maps

These are the sample maps previously provided in the Spitfire installation package.

Finnish Road Atlas

The Finnish road atlas package contains the map images from http://mapy.mk.cvut.cz/data/Finsko-Finlandia/autoatlas/ and Spitfire map calibration files.



Spitfire Getting Started Guide

This document gives a brief overview of loading a map and transferring it to your ESC! handset

Spitfire Map Developer's Manual

This document describes the extended features provided when a Spitfire Developer's licence is purchased.



UK Post Code Database

Addon database allowing Spitfire to search for maps by UK post code.

US Zip Code Database

Addon database allowing Spitfire to search for maps by US Zip code.