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Purchase Spitfire Licence Keys

As of Spitfire version 2.1 the licencing scheme has changed. You no longer purchase a licence to use Spitfire on a single computer. Instead you purchase a licence for each ESC! handset, so you can now install Spitfire on as many computers as you like, registering your handset with each copy using the same licence key.

Obtaining a licence key for your ESC! handset is a two stage process. First you make your payment after which a "Digital Receipt Code" will be sent to the e-mail address you specified. Once you receive your digital receipt you must visit the Get Key page, there in the box provided you should enter the digital receipt code you were sent. You will then be presented with a page that allows you to enter the IMEI numbers of your handsets and generate your licence keys.

In summary, you make a payment and receive a password ("Digital Receipt"). The password gives you access to the online licence key generator which converts your handsets IMEI numbers into a Spitfire licence keys. You enter the licence keys into Spitfire to register your handsets.

Spitfire Handset Licences

Handset licences can now be purchased in any quantity, as opposed to the previous scheme of purchasing multiple licence key packs to make up the desired quantity. Just specify the number of licences required in the quantity field of the order form and the appropriate discount will be applied automatically. On completion of a successful order your wil receive a single "Digital Receipt" allowing you to create licences keys for the quantity you have purchased.


Unit Cost (GBP)

Unit Cost (EUR)













5 - 9



10 - 19



From 20



For larger quantity discounts please contact sales@barhop.co.uk.

To buy handset licences simply click this buttonBuy Now

Spitfire Developer's Licence

Spitfire developer's licences can also be purchased online, after receipt of payment you will be allocated a unique vendor id  which will be e-mailed to you together with the licence key and command line map licence generator. For further information contact sales@barhop.co.uk.

Licence Type

Cost (GBP)

Cost (EUR)

Spitfire Developer's Licence



To buy a developer's licence simply click this buttonBuy Now

All payments are processed by the shareit.gif shareware registration service.